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Lynx Roof Trusses

Lynx design and manufacture a complete range of roof trusses to suit every application and have over 60 years’ expertise in producing technical solutions to the most complex roofing design problems.

Each roof truss is individually designed using specialist CAD packages, which calculate sizes, required fixings and costings.  From standard loose hip and valley constructions, attic trusses, room-in-the-roof trusses, trusses for garage extensions – right up to large-scale complex commercial roofing developments.  Lynx design engineers and production team offer a comprehensive service to house builders, commercial developers and the DIY self-build market.

Developments in roof design, engineering and materials allows the scope of roof trusses to extend well beyond domestic use and it is not uncommon for timber trusses with spans in excess of 20 metres to be manufactured for commercial applications.

Lynx roof trusses are manufactured using specialised sawing and assembly equipment and transported to site on specially adapted vehicles for fast and safe nationwide delivery.