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Open Timber Web Beams

The System 42 FloorTrus system provides many of the benefits of the metal web system with the added advantages of infinitely adjustable joist depth options.

All timbers are on the “flat” giving a wide width to facilitate fast and easy installation of joists, decking and ceilings but because all of the internal webs are specifically cut to length this system allows joists to be manufactured to any specified depth and like the metal web systems the use of kiln dried and stress graded chords reduces shrinkage to a minimum.

Flexible engineered floor system

The nature of the FloorTrus means the system enjoys the added benefit of being able to design many different bearing details and web patterns.  These features together with the capability of designing into beams “trimmable” ends, make FloorTrus the most flexible of all the engineered floor beam systems currently available.

FloorTrus beams can be used as rafters to form wide, open plan attic space, or they can be designed as a stressed floor diaphragm as part of our space frame platform roof system.

Fully tested web beams

FloorTrus has been sound tested and fire tested by the BRE for both 30 minutes and 60 minutes (report numbers 231884, 230795 and 230475 respectively).

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